In today’s new normal, hiring managers are conducting interviews virtually, sending out digital paperwork, and requiring employees to complete online training courses. But what happens when new hires need to visit the office or pick up items required for the job? 

Easy to use smart lockers provide safe, contactless transactions to quickly prepare employees for the first day on the job.  

Secure sensitive information

Employment and work-related documents often contain personal and financial information that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. And no matter how secure an online file transfer method seems, some employers and employees might not be comfortable sending such information over the internet.

Smart lockers ensure that only authorized users can access these documents. Once a company representative deposits them into a locker, the system provides an access code to the recipient via text, email, or app. That employee can then use the code or press a button in the app to unlock the contents. It’s a completely contactless process that doesn’t even require touching a kiosk screen. 

Grant building access 

To get into the office or worksite, new employees need keys, passes, and IDs. And if their coworkers are too busy to deliver those items or don’t want to risk spreading pathogens, new hires need a contact-free way to obtain them. 

When smart lockers are installed in a publicly accessible area — such as a lobby or outside the entrance, they allow newcomers to easily pick up everything they need to access the building and get to work. 

Deliver company equipment

New employees may start off as remote workers or have roles that require them to spend most of their time off-site. This means they might have to sign out company devices in order to complete their work. 

But laptops, mobile devices, tools, and equipment can be costly and often contain private company data. Sending these items to employees via mail can result in loss, damage, and theft. Given the current health crisis, delivering them in person isn’t the safest option either.   

Smart lockers make it easy and convenient to retrieve necessary equipment while respecting social distancing guidelines. Additionally, the locker system automatically creates a digital record, accessible in real-time, of who signed out the devices and when. So employers can have peace of mind that new hires are fully equipped and all items are accounted for.  

Are any employees leaving the job or moving into new roles? They can also use the lockers to return company property or pick up any items they’ll need for the new position.  

If you’d like smart lockers to be a part of your contactless onboarding process, reach out to us today.