In 2019, 1.92 billion people worldwide are expected to buy online — that’s roughly 25% of the world’s population. And many of those consumers constantly check their phones waiting for the “out for delivery” status to become “delivered.” It’s not just because of the anticipation, though —  package theft is a growing threat, and no one wants to be the next victim.

Chain of custody’s broken link

The “last mile,” or when a package leaves the courier and (hopefully) meets up with its recipient, is the most challenging step of the shipping process. It’s also the most expensive, contributing to 53% of total shipping costs. With the popularity of free shipping among online shoppers, these costs usually fall on the retailers and their shipping partners. And when packages don’t make it to customers, retailers lose profits in replacing or refunding items.

The stakes are getting higher for both customers and retailers, as people are buying more expensive goods (like cell phones, wedding rings, and furniture) and time-sensitive items (like groceries, medications, and even live animals). Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for safe, speedy delivery as well as the flexibility to receive packages when it’s most convenient for them.

Fortunately, new technologies are fixing the broken link in last-mile delivery.  

How Smiota’s lockers secure the last mile

Once a package leaves the courier’s hands, it’s typically marked as “delivered” and traceability ends. Plus, most buildings aren’t equipped to handle package pile-ups, especially when items include perishable items like frozen food and bulky items like furniture.

Smiota’s smart package lockers solve all this by:

  • Protecting packages from courier drop-off to recipient pick-up
  • Providing a locked space for every delivery including groceries, medicine, dry cleaning, and oversized items
  • Eliminating the need for staff to sort and distribute deliveries
  • Increasing mailroom efficiency through chain-of-custody tracking

In a matter of seconds per package, couriers can drop off deliveries for an entire building in one centralized location — the rest of the process is entirely automated.

Here’s how it works:

Couriers use a QR code or PIN to access the locker system.

Scan QR Code

They select the recipient from a contact database and choose what size and type of locker the package requires.

Select recipient name or unit number

An available locker opens, they deposit the package, and the door locks.

Deposit Package

Smiota’s software sends the recipient a delivery notification through a text message or the smartphone app.

iphone app notification

The recipient can pick up the package at their convenience using the app or a unique code.

Pick up package

Whether you’re working with corporate, residential, retail, or university properties, smart lockers simplify package delivery for couriers, tenants, customers, and students.


Check out Smiota’s package lockers to learn more about perfecting the last mile in the chain of custody.