Software can help property managers and staff save time on tedious tasks like collecting rent, scheduling maintenance requests, and managing package deliveries. But without mindful implementation, new technology won’t reach its full time and money-saving potential. Keep these things in mind as you shop for software and roll it out to your staff.

Seek software with a smooth user experience

You might find software with all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t offer a smooth user experience, implementation will be an uphill battle. It’s best to toss the bad apples aside early, a process made simple thanks to reviews. If users report positive feedback like, “our team is more efficient and students have access to their packages 24/7,” rather than negative comments like, “this software is difficult to use and crashes constantly — don’t waste your money,” you probably have a viable option to test.

Request a demo

Fewer than 1 in 10 businesses ever fully realize the potential of their software. To make sure you’re in this elite group (rather than part of the 91% who are paying for software they don’t get the benefit of), don’t skip the demo. Sitting through a demonstration gives you the chance to ask questions, discuss potential ROI, and get a more specific idea of how the software could benefit you and your staff.

Bring in key players to review your choices

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a couple of options, bring employees who will be using the software into the discussion. First, explain why you’re considering implementing software at all. Then, if you have a free trial, walk your employee through the features that will benefit them the most. Lastly (and most importantly), ask if they have any questions. Listening to these key players will help you identify any employee buy-in issues that might come up so you can address them right away.

Train your staff

After you’ve made the final decision on what software to purchase, you might be eager to hand your staff login information and hope for the best. However, training is critical for successful implementation.

During training sessions, stress how the software directly benefits your staff. Talk about potential time savings, budget reallocations, and productivity boosts.

Here are some examples:

Once you’ve fully explained the benefits, give everyone the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. Then walk your staff through the software as well as any associated hardware and equipment.

Provide helpful resources

Questions will come up once your staff starts using new software. Prevent an influx of questions by providing a list of helpful resources. Here are some ideas for materials you could provide:

  • Technical support number
  • User guides
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Link to software’s FAQ page

The team at Smiota is here to make sure you and your staff love your new package management software. Contact us to request your free demo today!



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