Over the past few years, our world has become digitalized. From remote work and automation to contactless delivery and everything in between, businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly dependent on smart technology to improve operations and eliminate tedium. 


One of the more important investments for retail, multifamily complexes, businesses, universities, and more, has been smart lockers. Here we’ll go over six of the top benefits of smart lockers and how they can help you improve operations.


  1. Improve Security Around Storage and Shipping

Smart lockers provide heightened, 24-hour security measures for all aspects of package storing and shipping. By now we’ve all seen news stories and viral videos of aptly-named “porch pirates” causing disappointment and headaches not only for the end receiver, but for mailrooms and loss prevention departments as well.


Most modern smart lockers have state-of-the-art security built into them from the ground up. Smiota’s  lockers, for example, include:


  • Role-based security access to deter unauthorized users
  • OAuth token-based security
  • End-to-end communication encryption
  • Real-time security auditing and monitoring with both software and hardware security testing
  • Data encryption
  • Key rotation
  • Much more


With improved security measures, smart lockers not only declutter apartment lobbies and mailrooms, but protect against porch pirates and other bad actors.

  1. Save Time With 24-Hour Access

The beauty of a smart locker system is that mailroom attendants don’t need to be on duty for recipients to retrieve their packages. Additionally, recipients don’t need to sit around and wait to sign for their delivery or risk missing it entirely. Now, the package is delivered to the locker, the recipient receives an automated notification through an app as well as a unique access code, and they can pick up their delivery at their leisure.


This automation simplifies the process for mailroom staff and provides more convenience for the recipient.


  1. Get Analytics Reports With Actionable Items

Smart locker systems collect real-time data to provide insights on how to streamline mailrooms and improve shipping operations. A few simple clicks is all that’s keeping you from seeing statistics on Service Level Agreements Reports based on frequency, date range, building, and room type. This will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to tracking chain of custody and maximizing your mailroom’s efficiency.


In addition to these operations insights, a comprehensive smart locker software platform will allow you to create and manage different types of rooms, build custom task lists to create maintenance schedules and one-off tasks, and more.


  1. Protect Against Infectious Diseases

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us all to expect the unexpected. Over the course of the past few years, contactless delivery services, safety, and convenience have become the standard when it comes to customer expectations. Smiota’s lockers are equipped with UV-C technology with programmable bulbs to disinfect locker interiors when they aren’t in use. Additionally, our lockers come with an antimicrobial additive that prevents odors, mildew, mold, bacteria, and more. This not only extends the durability of the locker itself, also the contents inside — even in areas with high humidity.


Efficiency is the name of the game and can make or break supply chains. Increased dependence on ecommerce and a cultural emphasis on safety has made these disinfection measures a necessity for businesses that value their customers.


  1. Improve Mailroom Productivity

Smart locker systems automate tedious tasks, particularly when it comes to administrative work. Smart technology provides end-to-end asset tracking, maintenance schedules, and real-time reports for security irregularities or any other type of malfunction. This frees up mailroom employees to focus on other priorities such as improving customer experience, analyzing data reports to make improvements, and handling other revenue-generating duties.


  1. Seamless Integrations

Smiota’s smart lockers are able to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of enterprise software APIs. With over 50 pre-build point-and-click integrations and hundreds more supported through REST-based APIs, you are able to utilize your own backend system for data syncing and implement the lockers’ tech into your own user-facing systems. Our patented Locker Delivery Operating System (L-DOS) supports multiple manufacturers and is able to connect to other smart locker hardware that you may already own. It is also compatible with every cloud service, making it as easy as possible to integrate with your current infrastructure.


Smiota Smart Lockers Are Accessible to Businesses of All Sizes on a Global Scale

Smiota provides a variety of smart lockers that have state-of-the-art features and affordability to shipping operations of any size. Whether for outdoors, indoors, or temperature controlled environments, our lockers are perfect for any multi-family complex, university mailroom, business, government office, retail store, and more. 


We ship and support smart lockers globally and our software platform is compliant with safety and security needs across multiple countries and regions.


To get started on improving your mailroom operations, browse our available lockers or get in touch today!