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Enable quick deliveries for students

Reclaim time, save space, and improve student access with smarter

When thousands of students live on campus, manual mailroom management methods just can’t keep up. The good news is that there’s an easy way to relieve staff from stressful, time-consuming mailroom tasks while creating a better student experience.

Smiota combines smart lockers with mailroom software (or integrates with your existing software) to offer an end-to-end solution for both mail and package deliveries. This solution works for open and closed campuses — couriers can deliver to lockers at multiple dorms and buildings or to a single, centralized mailroom.

A comprehensive solution for packages and mail

Enable direct carrier delivery if desirable


Give students convenience and flexibility

Maximize visibility and control with the Smiota Mailroom Package Tracking app or API integrations

Protect more than packages (ITs, bookstore purchases, inter-office transactions)

Provide 24/7 student access to their packages


Prevent theft and loss

Success Story: University of Nevada Las Vegas

With 6,500 packages arriving each month, staff were spending 240 hours a month on package delivery. In dollars and cents, UNLV was spending over $200,000 each year in operating costs on package management alone.

“What we have done here at UNLV is create a stressless process to receive mail that students now feel is a part of their unique experience living at UNLV.”

Warren Porter

Higher Education Consultant

Just seconds to drop off and pick up


Smart lockers reduce package handling time from three minutes to less than 15 seconds per package. So mailrooms can make the best use of available space, optimize package protection, and improve student access. 

Maximize visibility and control with the Smiota Mailroom Package tracking app or with API integrations to SC Logic, Brynka or Bear River.


Access smarter mail handling with Smiota Smart Mail