Smiota PoD simplifies managing packages with secure connectivity, integrated applications and proactive support.

Package management made easy

Effortless package deposit for couriers. 24x7 remote software support. Install anywhere with wireless connectivity.
Couriers deposit or pick-up any size package without assistance. Smiota platform notifies recipients.
Residents conveniently pick-up and drop-off packages using Smiota PoDS.
Smiota PoDS also offer refrigerated lockers for grocery.

Key Features

Open lockers with your phone

No more searching for passcodes in emails and texts. Get packages with click of a button in the Smiota resident app.

 Android devices

 iOS devices

Couriers can quickly deposit

Single scan QR or Pin code authentication saves time and offers secure access to lockers.

Residents can easily return

Recipients can send or return packages with a return label in two easy steps. Lockers automatically open for couriers with return packages.

Key in your code

Open lockers with code received in email or text message. 

Download Smiota app

Getting your packages is incredibly easy with the Smiota delivery app. You can see all your packages right from the homepage. Once you are near your PoD, click the Open locker button to access your package, no access code necessary! Learn more... ios android

Admin Management

Admins can open lockers, manage overdue pickups and more using Smiota webapp or Admin login on locker tablet.

Remote Management

Additionally our support staff can remotely assist with restarting PoDS, upgrading software and adding new features.

Custom Covers

Wrap your PoD with stunning graphics, company logos, brand colors, or sleek designs like wood grain.

Cool PoD

Accept fresh produce and frozen food deliveries into refrigerated PoDs. 

Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers
Package Lockers

Know your package history

Smiota webapp for admins gives you the history of packages received and picked-up. Admins can also open lockers, manage overdue pickups, remind recipients to pickup overdue packages, and much more.

Why choose Smiota PoD?

Key Differentiators Smiota PoD Competition
Smartphone resident app Yes
(First in the industry, award winning innovation)
Locker access Smiota resident app or passcode Passcode only
Attendant free Yes
(24x7 remote management support)
(Require on site personnel for support)
Auto updates Yes
(Software upgradable platform like Tesla cars)
(Windows PC based solutions Require on site personnel)
Expertise Yes (Founded by Silicon Valley technologist and real estate specialists) No (Hardware and real estate specialists)
Pricing $$$
(Competitive pricing)

Package overflow?

Use our fully integrated mailroom app with Smiota PoD to manage package overflow and oversize packages that do not fit in lockers.

Interested in using PoD?

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