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Smiota mailroom software is fast, secure and easy.

Optimize every step of package management from receiving packages to on-time delivery. All you need is a smartphone and Smiota mailroom. Conveniently receive, notify and release 1000s of packages daily

Key Features

Scan recipient name and tracking ID with your smartphone.  
Notify recipient about packages awaiting pick-up.
Release packages via self-service pick-up app.

Key Features

Point and Scan

No typing needed. Just point your smartphone to recipient name and   tracking number on the label. Smiota mailroom software will do the rest! It will scan all needed information from the label in less than 5 seconds!

Scan on the go - Rapidly!

Scan recipient name just once for multiple packages for the same recipient using rapid-entry mode.
Get done in seconds versus minutes!

Complete chain of custody

From receive to release, track package history and confirm with recipient signature. Too busy to pick up packages? Have someone pick them up for you and Smiota mailroom software will track and manage.

Performance Management tool

Use either desktop or tablet to review mailroom efficiency with complete chain of custody reports. From annual package history to delivery time of a single package, our visual reports with complete drill down capability will show you the big picture and the particulars.

Smiota Pick-up

Save time and optimize resources by allowing recipients to release their own packages. Smiota Self Release app offers convenient, yet trackable option for recipients to sign and collect packages in the absence of mailroom staff.
Too busy to pickup your package? Have someone pickup your package. We will track if your delegate picked it up.

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